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Food Heaven Podcast

Dec 1, 2021

Today we’re talking with one of our favorite people on IG, Dr. Devon Price, about these companies scamming us into going back to the office to work. Did you know that there has been a significant increase in productivity since the pandemic started? It’s probably because many workers have had the opportunity to work from home and maintain a healthy work-life-home-life relationship. With that being said, isn’t it weird that many managers are asking folks to come back to the office? Why? 


Today we go on a deep dive with author & social psychologist Dr. Devon Price about all things work place. Listen as we talk about research and STATISTICS on productivity, creating boundaries, tools to be an advocate for ourselves at work and MORE!  

In This Episode We’ll Cover:

  • How Devon feels about internet stardom 
  • Devon’s newest book, Laziness Does Not Exist 
  • Productivity during the pandemic 
  • The MANY benefits of working from home & MORE!

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