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Food Heaven Podcast

May 12, 2021

Did you know that less than 6% of people with eating disorders are medically diagnosed as “underweight”?  Atypical anorexia is a type of eating disorder where patients present with restrictive behaviors and fear of weight gain but don't meet the low weight criteria seen in anorexia nervosa. 

In this podcast episode, we talk with therapist-to-be Mimi Cole about her lived experience as a Black woman with atypical anorexia, which, as Mimi puts it, is just anorexia with a side of fatphobia. To be honest, the labeling of atypical anorexia is kind of problematic and confusing, considering that atypical anorexia is likely more prevalent than traditional anorexia. Also, BIPOC with eating disorders are half as likely to be diagnosed or to receive treatment. There’s a lot to unpack here!

In This Episode We’ll Cover:<p>
•  Mimi’s recovery journey + why she decided to become a therapist<p>
•  Common myths and misconceptions about atypical anorexia<p>
•  Why atypical anorexia can be just as harmful as traditional anorexia<p>
•  Unique challenges of being a Black woman with atypical anorexia<p>
& MORE <p><p>

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Show notes: <p>

A conversation on atypical anorexia

Prevalence of atypical anorexia

Eating disorder statistics for people with marginalized identities

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