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Food Heaven Podcast

Jun 10, 2020

In the past few days, we've been hit up by countless publications, podcasts, and influencers asking us to be on their platforms to do a podcast interview, host an IG live, or have a conversation on racism. Oftentimes, these requests come with a ridiculously tight turnaround, which feels really inconsiderate. We're human beings.  We have lives. Believe it or not, we're actually busy. Also, there's a lot of emotional labor and trauma involved in being vulnerable and sharing our experiences with racism. PLUS! We've contributed to COUNTLESS articles (go to our press page) about inclusivity and social justice before it was trending. We've also done so. many. podcast episodes on these topics (check our BLM highlight for some of the most recent episodes). The work is out there. If you have looked at some of the work, and still want to collaborate, make an effort to be more mindful about how you reach out + what your asks are. In this week's episode, we go in on why we're frustrated and exhausted. But we also make sure to include some action items on what you (black, POC, white) can do to amplify Black voices both on and offline.

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