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Food Heaven Podcast

Jan 22, 2020

What’s one good book that you COULD. NOT. PUT DOWN. in 2019? For me, it was The Eating Instinct by journalist & author, Virgina Sole-Smith. In this book, Virginia visits kitchen tables around America to tell her own story, as well as the stories of women recovering from weight loss surgery, of people who eat only nine foods, of families with unlimited grocery budgets and those on food stamps. The book is a deep dive into how we all learn to eat in today’s toxic food culture. In today’s episode we discuss: how Virginia got into this work (it started when her newborn stopped eating) and how Virginia’s relationship with food evolved throughout the years. We also explore how social media has contributed to our heightened stress around food, how to navigate food struggles with kids, and things you can do to make sure you’re not projecting your own body image issues onto your children.


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