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Food Heaven Podcast

Oct 14, 2020

There’s this idea, especially among people of color, that eating disorders do not affect us and is an affluent skinny, white girl issue. Aside from not being true, this type of thinking is dangerous and harmful to people of color living with an eating disorder. It creates additional barriers to recovery, and erases the experiences of people who don’t see themselves in that stereotype. Today we’ll be unpacking this with Dr. Marcella Raimondo, a psychologist specializing in social justice and eating disorders. 

In This Episode We’ll Cover:
• How Marcella got into this work and her lived experience with an eating disorder (ED)
• The prevalence of eating disorders within POC communities
• How poverty and/or immigration can create unique challenges for people with eating disorders
• How to incorporate cultural competence when working with people that have ED’s
• Helpful things you can do if you think a loved one has a ED + MORE! 

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