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Food Heaven Podcast

Jun 17, 2020

Have you thought twice about whether it’s necessary to get off the couch to eat? Yeah, us too. When social distancing first started, it seemed like everyone was making sourdough starters, sauces, stews, and cakes. And then kitchen burnout happened. For those of you who are burned out and struggling to make sure you’re eating adequately throughout the day, today we’re covering essential kitchen hacks that can help, from pre-made meals to meal prep tips and more. Everybody gotta eat right? 

In This Episode We’ll Cover:
• What makes a meal a meal (hint: cooking is optional)
• Throw together meal ideas that are nutritionally balanced and require minimal prep
• Hacks that will help make meal prep work for you
• Ways to build community through neighbor food swaps
• Why pre-made meals and meal kits are a lifesaver & MORE! 

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