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Food Heaven Podcast

Feb 12, 2020

Do you ever feel like you are your own worst critic? Today on the podcast we are talking all about cultivating self compassion and, most importantly, self worth with licensed clinical psychologist, Adia Gooden. Adia also writes, speaks, and conducts trainings on the topics of Black women and mental health, cultural competence, unconditional self-worth, and imposter syndrome. This episode really hit home because Adia talks about some of the nuance when it comes to self worth, body image, and people of color. 


In this episode, we’ll cover:

-Why folks have such poor self worth these days…

-The imposter syndrome and why this tends to affect black women (and POCs) more than others

-How body image affects self worth AND why it’s easier to accept that we all come in different shapes and sizes on an intellectual level, but not on an emotional one

-How we can all cultivate unconditional self-worth.…. with practical advice you can get started with today


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