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Food Heaven Podcast

Apr 20, 2022

Is it possible to have TOO many friends? (Hint: yes it is.) Today on the podcast, we chat with author Rachel Wilckerson Miller about how to be a good friend to yourself and others. Rachel is the perfect person to talk to about this because she wrote a whole book on this topic (The Art of Showing Up: How to Be There for Yourself and Your People…order it NOW). Today we deep dive into all things friendship, including how to be a good friend, how to balance all your friendships, what to do when conflict arises and creating tools for implementing boundaries.

In This Episode We’ll Cover:

  • How to be a good friend without burning yourself out
  • How to deal with conflict in a friendship (because avoidance is not the answer)
  • Practical tools for setting boundaries with your besties
  • & MORE! 

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