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Food Heaven Podcast

Mar 16, 2022

In today’s episode, we chat with Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross about the research findings behind the passing down of trauma from generation to generation, how to go about seeking help with treating trauma, how eating disorders and drug use are often a result of coping with a traumatic experience, and MORE! Dr. Ross is a board certified medical doctor that specializes in Preventive Medicine and Addiction Medicine. In 2020, she did a Ted Talk “The Gifts of Intergenerational Trauma”, which sparked our interest to dig deeper on this topic. 


In This Episode We’ll Cover:

• What intergenerational trauma is 

• How trauma can manifest differently from person to person

• The correlation between disordered eating & trauma 

• The taboos surrounding getting therapy and how it varies culturally and generationally

• How Dr. Ross manages her own mental health 

• Advice for how to start working through trauma and getting help 


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