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Food Heaven Podcast

Jan 5, 2022

Is anyone else still feeling burnt out as we enter 2022? In part two of our burnout series, we 

speak with fellow podcaster, Emily Thompson, who recently recovered from a two year battle with burnout. Emily calls herself a “Podcast Dinosaur” since she’s been in the pod space hosting her hit show, Being Boss, for over 7 years. Unfortunately, the success of her podcast and other companies triggered a debilitation bout with burnout that too a lot of time to recover from. In this episode, we discuss how the Being Boss mantra, mindset, boundaries, habits, routines got her through her tough two year experience with Burnout. 

In This Episode We’ll Cover:

  • Emily’s experienced with Burnout for a full 2 years and how she dealt with it  
  • How Burnout can manifest differently from person to person
  • The importance of communication in relationships, especially during times of hardship 
  • Advice for navigating Burnout effectively 
  • What to prioritize post Burnout to keep a level head & MORE! 

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