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Food Heaven Podcast

Aug 18, 2021

What have you heard about MSG? There’s a lot of myths and stereotypes surrounding this flavor enhancer. Chances are, much of what you may have learned about MSG is wrong. Today on the podcast, we are dispelling myths and unveiling the toxic and racist history behind MSG. Our expert for this episode is none other than Kim Phạm (@kim_tpham) a self-proclaimed “internet weirdo” and co-founder of @Omsom, a proud + loud Asian food brand that makes it easy to cook restaurant-quality Asian dishes at home in under 30 minutes. 

In This Episode We’ll Cover:

  • What inspired Kim and her sister to start Omsom
  • What is MSG and how it’s made
  • Kim’s personal connection to MSG
  • What taste to expect from MSG and how to use it in cooking
  • The historical context behind the anti MSG movement and how it’s rooted in xenophobia
  • Some of the unexpected health benefits of MSG

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