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Food Heaven Podcast

Dec 28, 2022

Do you compare yourself with others? (Raises hand.) Today we're re-airing one of our favorite conversations with Marci Evans on social comparison theory. If you have ever compared your success, body image, relationship status, friendships or even living situation to anyone else (especially on social media), you HAVE to listen to this episode.


Social comparison theory states that individuals determine their own social and personal worth based on how they stack up against others. In some cases, comparison can be helpful, but more often than not, it’s bad for our wellbeing.


In This Episode We’ll Cover:

  • Which personality types tend to be more prone to comparing (hint: people who are empaths)
  • What happens to our brains when we make these cross-comparisons
  • Concrete things you can do to compare less…starting NOW
  • & MORE


Please note that this episode may contain paid endorsements and advertisements for products and services. Individuals on the show may have a direct or indirect financial interest in products or services referred to in this episode.


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