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Food Heaven Podcast

Aug 24, 2022

Do you get the tingles?? If you are an ASMR fanatic like me (Jess), you know exactly what I’m talking about. Did you know that ASMR is the 3rd most popular search of ALL time on YouTube? In today’s episode, we chat with an ASMRtist (get it? ASMR + artist = ASMArtist *slaps knee*) about how this all started and WTF is going on for people when they experience ASMR. Join us as we chat all things ASMR with Tammy Lung, a Healing Touch Apprentice and founder of the LIVE ASMR pop-up, The Tingles Bar @tinglesbar 


In This Episode We’ll Cover:

  • Our experience with “the tingles”
  • The historic lack of representation in the ASMRtist space
  • The science behind ASMR
  • Why do some people love ASMR while others hate it
  • How to find your tingle triggers 
  • & MORE


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